Daniel Jackson


Peaceful Explorer





“Isn’t there the smallest part of you that wants to believe a person can reach a higher level?”

Dr. Daniel Jackson
“Maternal Instinct”

Peaceful Explorer

“This could be the key to understanding our existence… everyone… every thing’s existence!”

Dr. Daniel Jackson
“The Torment of Tantalus”


“Now, if I am right, the cartouche that runs down the middle of the central cover stone organizes these constellation symbols into a unique sequential order, forming an address.”

Dr. Daniel Jackson
“Stargate” (the novel)


“Captain Carter. Daniel Jackson. Warriors of great skill and cunning…”



“I am ashamed that they would not bring themselves to recognize Dr. Jackson’s heroism. He saved millions of lives.”

Jonas Quinn

Dr. Daniel Jackson: The Heart, the Soul and the Conscience of SG-1.

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