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Below you will find buttons and banners for your Stargate fanfic sites, your Stargate live journals and forums, tons of links to Stargate sites that are devoted to Daniel Jackson or Michael Shanks or just “friendly” to the character and more.

There’s a “skyscraper” being built for Michael Shanks at Top Dog City. You can add a “brick” to the building (actually, you can add up to three bricks for an email address) and you don’t have to pay anything or register to do so. Follow the link and then follow the instructions for adding a brick in the Celebrity area for the Michael Shanks building!

Top Dog City

Check below for banners and loads more banners/links! Got a contribution or a link to send me? Well? What are you waiting for!

Join the Zone! Feel free to use these buttons and banners on any of your Daniel Friendly websites. Please provide a link with the button back here so others can join the “Zone.”

Apparently a lot of other fans liked our little site enough to copy the idea! I’ve seen sites with “Jack friendly” buttons and “Jonas friendly” buttons. There’s even a whole site now called Stargate Daniel Friendly! We’re proud to say we were first and they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

The buttons and banners are free to use for anyone with a website which is friendly to the character of Daniel Jackson. Your site need not be solely devoted to Daniel; it can be team-oriented, devoted to another character, etc. All that is required is that you like and respect the character of Daniel and wish to designate your site as a “safe” zone for other fans of Daniel. Just right click on the picture to save it to your hard drive, upload it to your own site and put it on your web pages! Feel free to mix and match buttons/banners on different sites.

Grateful thanks to all of the graphics artists who have contributed their talents to create these various buttons and banners. If you have a button or banner you’d like to add to the mix, please send it to me. Variety is the spice of life and one can never have too many Daniels! And, check it out! Doc sent us a Spader Daniel (because Leah whined…but any of you can use it. <g>). We now have a number of Spader Daniels and even a few buttons/banners that have both Daniels.

Don’t have a website? Never fear! We have buttons you can use for Forum postings and the like, too. (Check out the Daniel Friendly Life ones.) And, thanks to Ankh, something new: Daniel Jackson: Intergalactic Babe buttons!


The Daniel Friendly Zone
Click here to find tons of Daniel Friendly Buttons!


The Daniel Friendly Zone
Click here for Daniel Friendly Banners!

Click to find Intergalactic Babeness!

Daniel Jackson: Intergalactic Babe
And yet more Intergalactic Babeness at The Wonder That is Daniel Site

 Links to Daniel Friendly Zones

If you’d like your site linked from here, please send me the URL and a description and/or a banner/button to link to your site and I will be happy to add it to the list!

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