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Daniel Jackson: the heart and soul of SG-1

In response to the person who questioned Teal’c’s dogtags, Leah had this to say: “Those are stains from the vanilla malted Teal'c had earlier. She obviously needs to get glasses.” But, since dogtags are a “hot” issue for a few of our visitors, we thought we’d bring you…

The Top 11 Reasons Daniel Doesn’t Wear Dogtags!!!!

11) The metal disrupts the energy of an ascended being.

10) They slide off his transubstantiated ectoplasm.

9) They clink and people would be able to hear him coming, even when he’s invisible.

8) Oma Desala’s not into this military symbol thing, since she's Mother Nature and on the side of Peace and Love, so she threw them away.

7) They always had the James Spader Daniel Jackson information on them, anyway...

6) They became radioactive and melted when he did.

5) After all these years, ascension and enlightenment made him notice that they said "Geekboy."

4) He got tired of getting struck by lightning once he became a fluffy cloud.

3) He sold them on Ebay for an outrageous amount of money to the panting fans.

2) He wants to confuse observers of smaller intellect.

1) He isn't a dog. Jonas, however, may wear them.

We changed our “Top 10 List” But, here’s the Numero Uno Reason why Daniel is still needed on SG-1, anyway!!!!

That Wonder That Is Danny

The Blunder That Is Jonas

Any Questions?

Don’t forget to visit our Daniel Jackson Tribute.

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